How will the family dynamic affect the birth of a new child?

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Keywords: Influence of child birth on family dynamics

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The question is answered by Lucas with a spread of 3 Tarot whose meaning is: Context, Where To Focus, Outcome.

The tarot cards drawn are: Nine of Swords, The Devil reversed, Ace of Cups.

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In conclusion, the interpretation of the three Tarot cards indicates that the birth of the new child will bring about a strong change within the family dynamic. To deal with it successfully, you should focus on getting out of your limiting beliefs and creatively exploring the opportunities that will arise to achieve positive results.

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How will the relationship between me and my mother Maria go in the coming months?

In general, the cards suggest that the situation may not be easy to deal with in the short term but that if you deal with the difficulties, everything will eventually work out for a positive future between you and Maria. The most likely answer to this question is therefore "yes", as the cards indicate that, with commitment and mutual understanding, your relationship will improve in the coming months.

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What are the possible challenges I might encounter in my future life?

In conclusion, the three cards suggest that you must be ready to face any challenge that you may encounter in your future life with courage, determination and poise. At the same time, you also need to consider all available options before making a final decision. The answer to your question is therefore open ended and will depend on the specific circumstances you find yourself in but looking at the cards, the most likely solution seems to be to keep calm, weigh all available options and then act on the best option.

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What's next for my sister Veronica's career?

In conclusion, the tarot suggests that your sister has a clear goal regarding her career and is progressing towards that goal. However, she may find herself blocked by external factors such as people or situations that do not encourage her success. To overcome these blocks, your sister will have to make bold decisions and trust her intuition. If she can do that, the prospects for her career will be good.

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Is my soul mate already in my life?

In conclusion, the tarot suggests that there is a possibility that your soul mate is already in your life but it is important to take all aspects into consideration before deciding whether to accept or reject them. One should therefore opt for a considered attitude and examine all possible positive and negative effects before making a final decision.

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What will my love life be like in the long run?

The cards suggest that you are currently facing a time of chaos and confusion, especially with respect to your long-term love life. To make a definitive decision it is important to take some time to reflect on what your long-term aspirations are and to look around curiously and explore all the possibilities before deciding which path to take. Only then can you have more clarity about what your love life will look like in the long run.

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Does Magician Lucas see any problems if I decide to entrust Marco with this job?

Based on the two cards drawn, the answer to the question is YES; in fact, the presence of the Justice indicates that there is a good chance of success if the Magician Lucas decides to rely on Marco for this job. However, it is good to take into consideration the negative influences associated with the Devil card, as they could affect the relationship between the two subjects in a negative way if not addressed adequately.

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