How will the family dynamic affect the birth of a new child?

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Keywords: Influence of child birth on family dynamics

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The question is answered by Lucas with a spread of 3 Tarot whose meaning is: Context, Where To Focus, Outcome.

The tarot cards drawn are: Nine of Swords, The Devil reversed, Ace of Cups.

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Answer to the question

The first card we have is the Nine of Swords. This card represents a time of change, something new, a beginning. It also represents a sense of profound transformation and rebirth. Therefore, the context in which we must look is that of a moment of strong change and great opportunities.

The second card we have is The Devil reversed. This card indicates a tendency to resist change, to be stuck in our pre-existing patterns or limiting beliefs. He suggests that we focus on how we can step outside these beliefs to bring about change.

Finally, the third card is the Ace of Cups. This card indicates an opportunity to create something new and beautiful in a creative and innovative way. It reminds us that change can lead to new positive outcomes and that there is love in every moment.

In conclusion, the interpretation of the three Tarot cards indicates that the birth of the new child will bring about a strong change within the family dynamic. To deal with it successfully, you should focus on getting out of your limiting beliefs and creatively exploring the opportunities that will arise to achieve positive results.



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