How can I improve my relationship with my brother-in-law?

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The question is answered by Lucas with a spread of 3 Tarot whose meaning is: What you aspire to, What is standing in your way, How you can overcome this.

The tarot cards drawn are: Temperance, Ten of Pentacles, Queen of Cups.

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Answer to the question

Temperance indicates a strong desire to achieve harmony with others and to find balance. You aspire to create a positive relationship with your brother-in-law based on mutual listening, tolerance and understanding.

The Ten of Pentacles represents the difficulties you may encounter in your goal. There may be some internal obstacles, such as a lack of trust or understanding towards your brother-in-law, which can hinder the achievement of your goal.

The Queen of Cups indicates that you must use your creativity, sensitivity and common sense to overcome these difficulties. This card also suggests being open to your brother-in-law's opinions and creating a constructive dialogue to arrive at a common ground.

In conclusion, the three cards drawn indicate that to improve the relationship with your brother-in-law you must first try to achieve harmony and balance between the two of you. You then have to face the inner difficulties that could hinder you in achieving your goal and finally use your creativity and common sense to create a constructive dialogue with your brother-in-law.



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