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Some questions

This is a list of some questions and their answers from Lucas, this list is always updated here you will always find new ideas for the questions you can ask the Magician.

What are the odds of a large investment paying off in the future?

In conclusion, these three cards suggest that the person should be more aware of the current situation before making a major investment, considering all aspects involved in the decision-making process. He should also take the initiative and act prudently but without hesitation, knowing that there is always the risk of encountering obstacles along the way towards one's goals.

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Does Magician Lucas see any problems if I decide to entrust Matteo with this job?

In conclusion, the cards seem to suggest that Lucas shouldn't worry if he decides to rely on Matteo for the job. Chances are good that his decision will lead to a positive outcome, even if they face challenges in the process. So, yeah, it seems like it's a good idea to trust Matteo.

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What are the chances of entrepreneurial success?

From the two tarot cards analysed, it can be concluded that there is a certain potential for entrepreneurial success, but there is also the risk of failure if one is not prepared to face the associated risks. It is therefore advisable to carefully evaluate all aspects before embarking on a new business project, since the chances of success are not entirely certain. Therefore, based on the analysis of the question carried out, the answer to the question is that the chances of entrepreneurial success strongly depend on the preparation and efforts made to avoid the possible risks associated with the project.

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What are Valentina's prospects in her professional future?

In conclusion, the tarot cards indicate that Valentina is going through a transitional period in which she has the possibility of making important decisions for her professional future. Her challenge is to face adversity with determination and competence, demonstrating courage and energy to achieve her goals. If Valentina is ready to accept the challenges that come her way and to act with confidence and optimism, then it is likely that she will achieve the desired professional success.

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What are the chances of having a fulfilling relationship with someone who has a very different outlook on life than mine?

In conclusion, these three cards represent a path to self-actualization and building a fulfilling relationship with someone who has a different outlook on life than yours. To do this you must be willing to face uncertainties, make courageous decisions and explore new perspectives. You need to be honest with yourself about your feelings and understand that not everyone feels like you. You need to work hard to find a balance between both parties and move the relationship forward in a constructive way.

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Do I need to take any precautions regarding my professional life?

Ultimately, these three cards suggest that if you follow your inner counsels and face challenges courageously, you can achieve success in your professional life. You must be ready to step out of your comfort zone to discover your true potential and discover what you are capable of. The answer to the question is therefore yes: taking precautions regarding your professional life is important and can have a positive impact on your career.

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