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Some questions

This is a list of some questions and their answers from Lucas, this list is always updated here you will always find new ideas for the questions you can ask the Magician.

What are the chances of re-establishing a relationship with a parent I have lost through death?

The three cards indicated suggest that there is a possibility of re-establishing a relationship with the parent lost due to his death, but one must take into consideration one's beliefs and face the difficulties one will encounter in the process. The answer to the question is therefore "yes", but you will need to pay close attention to your emotions and take some time to reflect on the decision to be made.

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What are the possibilities to resolve incompatibility issues between my family members who have different ethnic origins?

In summary, your chances of resolving incompatibility issues between your family members who have different ethnic backgrounds depend on your ability to find creative and innovative ways to tackle the obstacle posed by financial or relationship problems. The key to finding success is to maintain an open channel of communication between all members of your family so that you can discuss your differences constructively.

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Is there the possibility of a conflict with a colleague or business partner?

Ultimately, there is the potential for conflict with a colleague or business partner if both are unwilling to compromise on principle or are unwilling to settle for anything less than their ideal goal. However, the papers suggest that there is also the potential for a balance to be struck if both parties involved are willing to consider creative solutions. So, the most likely answer to the question is No.

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What are the possibilities of preventing parental separation within my family?

In conclusion, the tarot recommends focusing on creating a strong and lasting bond with other family members. To overcome the obstacles you are facing, you must be willing to open your heart and accept the help and support of others. Only in this way will you be able to guarantee the stability of your family and avoid separation.

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Which relationships should I avoid to best deal with the change in my professional life?

The tarot suggests that you have become aware of the fact that some relationships can hinder your progress and you must take the initiative to change or eliminate them. The most likely answer is therefore: Open, so you should be prepared to review your relationships and avoid those that may hinder your progress.

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What are your strengths in the job?

From the tarot cards obtained, we can deduce that you have within you all the skills necessary to successfully face the difficulties encountered at work. You just have to believe in yourself, explore alternatives and look for new solutions. Recognize your strengths and use them as a starting point to find the right direction at work.

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